Radon-Resistant Construction

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Radon-Resistant Construction

 I’m building a new home. Are there advantages to installing a system during construction?

Yes. Installing a passive system (No Fan) during construction has several advantages:

  • Most Effective System: Installing a system during construction is the most effective way to reduce radon within the structure. Installation at this point allows the mitigator the opportunity to be part of the construction process. At pre-designated intervals the mitigator will incorporate all aspects of an ideal system.
  • Aesthetic Benefits: Plumbing and fan units can be incorporated as part of the structure and hidden.
  • Make Upgrading Easy: Installing them at the time of construction makes it easier to reduce radon levels.
  • Moisture and other Gases: The radon-resistant techniques may also help to lower moisture levels and reduce other soil gases.
  • Energy Efficiency: When installed properly and completely, radon resistant techniques can also make your home more energy efficient and help you save on your energy costs.
  • Make sure your builder is using a licensed radon mitigation contractor such as Radon Pros to ensure  systems are designed and installed properly to ensure the systems efficiently lowers radon levels. Frequently plumbers or untrained radon professionals improperly install these passive systems. When this occurs the passive system cannot properly  utilize the "stack" effect for which they are designed and cannot later be made active systems when necessary.