Multifamily Testing


The U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Institute of Standards (NIS) and other federal agencies, organized the "Advancing Healthy Housing" initiative that has identified radon testing and radon mitigation as major priorities in improving the healthfulness and safety of our nation’s housing.

If you are applying for HUD-backed financing or refinancing for a multi-family building, you must have a radon test performed by a radon professional and provide proof of radon mitigation if necessary.

Radon Pros specializes in multifamily radon testing in Central Ohio.

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Multifamily Radon Testing in Central Ohio


What types of HUD mortgages require radon testing?


  • Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP)
  • Traditional Application Processing
  • New construction or substantial rehabilitation of multifamily housing
  • Purchase or refinance of existing multifamily rental housing
  • Construction or substantial rehabilitation of rental housing for elderly or disabled


How do you choose the units to test?

According to the HUD Radon Policy, a Radon Professional (as defined in IV.A.2.b) is to supervise the testing in accordance with the AARST‐ANSI Standard (Ohio requires radon testing to be performed by Ohio Licensed radon contractor, such as Radon Pros, who also possesses the multi-family license endorsement) with the exception that at least 25% of randomly selected ground level units shall be tested. Please note that Ohio also requires ALL ground level units be tested. 

How many units comprise a HUD multi‐family dwelling?

 A multi‐family dwelling is 5 or more units. They are characterized as detached, semidetached, row, walkup, or elevator‐type rental or cooperative housing with complete kitchens and baths. 

Do I have to notify the tenants?

 Issuing appropriate notification to all concerned parties, including tenants, is required by the AARST MAMF, and is specifically required in HUD’s policy. 

Radon Pros will work with you to provide proper notice and information required to follow proper testing protocol.